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ke is the version which we all of ▓us accepted at the time as likely to be ▓true: in our minds, of course.‘But● in the Police depositions,

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e▓veryone concerned mentioned one particular thin▓g — namely that when they raised his bod▓y from the lake in which it was floating●, with the black patch besid▓

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e it in the water, his false teeth ●fell into the boat with a clatter,● and startled them all.Now ▓listen to this: three months later I was having ▓dinner wit

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h Pierre Balbz who was▓ his dentist.He assured me that Da● Capo had an almost perfect set of teeth and cer▓tainly no false teeth which could possibly ▓have fallen

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out.Who then was it I d●on’t know.And if Da Capo simply disappeare●d and arranged for some decoy to take h▓is place, he had every reason: leaving behi▓nd him de

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bts of over two million.Do▓ you see what I mean ‘Fact is u●nstable by its very nature.Narouz once said t▓o me that he loved the desert because ther▓e “the wind

  • blew out one’s foot▓steps like c

    andle-flames”.So it seems ▓to me does reality.How then can we ▓hunt for the truth’ Balthazar ▓(1958) Part I Chapter 6 Pombal was hover●ing between

  • diplomatic tact and the low ▓cun

    ning of a provincial public prosecu▓tor; the conflicting emotions played upon his ●fat face as he sat in his gout-chair with● his fingers joined.He had

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    reeme●nt with himself.‘They say’ he ▓said, watching me keenly ‘tha▓t you are now in the British ▓Deuxième.Eh Don’t tell me, I know▓ you can’t s

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